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Selection of features

We analysed how different stakeholder perspectives can be used as a basis for selecting relevant accessibility features to focus on. The perspectives we aimed to cover are:

  • user requirements
  • business logic
  • technical feasibility
  • existing solutions
  • potential impact of built-in accessibility support by default.

The mapping of user requirements with accessibility features was based on the pilot project results, surveys performed and tne experience of members in the consortium.

The selection criteria covered a wide range of perspectives, from standards and end user needs to severity of accessibility fails and frequency of use. In the selection process, all stakeholder views were taken into account and balanced against the possible implementation across platforms.

Some of the features are solving one specific problem (ALT-texts, change language), whereas others approach a broader perspective and try to support accessibility in a more general sense (different types of accessibility testing).

The selected features are a mix of automation, support and testing, thus covering all categories of built-in accessibility by default services detected in the pilot project as well as the user requirements of the current project.

The ten selected features to be tested were:

  • ALT -text
  • Change language
  • Documentation
  • Tables creator
  • Forms creator
  • Video
  • Live testing while authoring
  • Testing of documents
  • Testing of content of pages
  • Testing of the whole website

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