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External events

The We4Authors Cluster project is getting a lot of attention from the authoring tool community as well as the accessibility community. Below, we have listed some of the events where we have presented the project to many different audiences in external events.

Plone Conference 2021 on 23-31st October

Plone Conference is the annual gathering of the Plone, Zope, Guillotina, Pyramid and Volto communities. It is a place where content creators, editors, site administrators, integrator, developers and others can come together to share new developments, success stories, and discuss the future of the community. The Plone Conference 2021 was organized online between the 23rd and 31st of October. During the conference, Susanna Laurin (Funka) gave a talk about the Cluster project, its methodology and the resulting features. The event had 268 registrations from 38 countries.

Susanna Laurin on the Plone Conference 2021, opens in new window

WE4Authors Cluster on Developer, Developer, Developer conference

Developer Developer Developer Day is an annual conference for developers in the UK. It started in 2005 and since then, DDD has spread across the UK and throughout other parts of the world. In light of the global situation in 2020 the conference was this time organized online. On the 12th of December Rachel Breeze had a chance to present the We4Authors Cluster project to 216 participants.

Rachel Breeze's presentation during DDD conference (In English), opens in new window

Rachel Breeze from We4Authors Cluster subcontractor Sigma talked about inclusive design and some of the tools one can use for accessible development.

DrupalCon Europe 2020 on the 8-11th December

Twice each year the Drupal Association organizes a conference called DrupalCon, where developers, designers, content strategists, editors, translators, end-users and others interested in Drupal can meet and learn from each other. The DrupalCon Europe 2020 conference was organized online between 8th and 11th of December. The whole conference is now also available on YouTube, free of charge. During the conference, Susanna Laurin and Mike Gifford held a presentation during which they presented the We4Authors Cluster project. The conference has 1787 views on YouTube.

Watch DrupalCon 2020 on YouTube (in English) opens in new window

Speaking to developers about accessibility

On the November 26th, 2020 Rachel Breeze, a senior developer at Sigma, a member of the Umbraco Back Office Accessibility Team, and an Umbraco MVP was invited as a speaker at an online Meetup for developers on the subject “Accessibility - A .NET Developers perspective”. Rachel presented the We4Authors Cluster project to 32 participants.

Accessibility - A .NET Developers perspective, opens in new window

A banner for Accessibility - A .Net Developers perspective


UmbraCoffee is a weekly online event on YouTube, where the hosts together with their guests present the weekly news and things Umbraco related. On the 6th of November 2020 Rachel Breeze was invited to talk about the We4Authors Cluster project. The umbracoffee channel has 625 subscribers.

Video with Rachel Breeze’s presentation at UmbraCoffee (in English), opens in new window

Screenshot of the video - coffee with Sigma and Umbraco - MAGA (Make A11y Great Always!)

Funka’s Accessibility Days

On the 24th and 25th of October 2020 Funka organised its annual conference - Funka’s Accessibility Days. It is Northern Europe’s largest conference on accessible ICT. It includes plenary sessions on regulations, legislation and standardization at national and international level as well as parallel sessions on content, design, technology, developer issues, assistive technology and more. Because of the ongoing pandemic the conference was held online for the first time. During the open online sessions with Funka’s experts, 400 participants of the conference got a chance to learn more about the We4Author Cluster project.

Funka’s Accessibility Days 2020, opens in new window

Sitevison Days on the 21th of October

Sitevision Days was a digital conference, which took place on the 21st of October 2020. The event attracted Sitevision clients as well as partners and other key players. One of the speakers was Susanna Laurin from Funka, who presented the We4Authors Cluster project to 850 participants. Participants learned about the latest digital trends, technical solutions and the latest news from Sitevision and other stakeholders. It was also an opportunity to learn more about WE4Authors Cluster and what we are doing in the project.

SiteVision Days 2020, opens in new window

Susanna Laurin at SiteVision Days webinar about WE4Authors. Screenshot

JoomlaDay in Chicago 16-17th October

The Joomla project organises multiple conferences across the world throughout the year, however, because of the pandemic many were cancelled or held online. As a result JoomlaDay Chicago, a conference for web designers, site managers and other Joomla users was held online. On the 17th of October 2020 industry presenters covered a wide variety of topics including a presentation of the We4Author Cluster project by Brian Teeman, co-founder of Joomla. 146 people participated at the web seminar where the project was presented.

Brian Teeman’s presentation, opens in window

Webinar during JoomlaDay. Screenshot

GovCamp North

The We4Authors Cluster project was presented by Sigma at the GovCamp North, an online event organized on the 15th of October 2020. It is aimed at people who work at or around the public sector in the North of UK including those who deliver, support or supply public services. The number of participants is not known.

GovCamp North, opens in new window


Rachel Breeze also presented the We4Authors Cluster project during the DF20 on the 2nd of October 2020. DF20 was a mix of virtual and live-studio sessions including expert round-table sessions around various Umbraco subjects. 300 web designers, developers, and other Umbraco users participated in the event.

Recording of the live conference (In English, not captioned, opens in new window)

DF20 presentation. Screenshot

WE4Authors Cluster project on WordPress Accessiblity Day

On October the 2nd 2020, web developers, web authors, ICT providers, UX designers and everyone who works with WordPress had a possibility to participate in the WordPress Accessibility Day. It was an online 24-hour global event dedicated to addressing website accessibility in WordPress. Susanna Laurin from Funka was one of the speakers and she presented the We4Authors Cluster project. The presentation has been viewed 433 times on YouTube.

Susanna Laurin’s session at WP Accessibility Day 2020 (captioned, audio and captioned in English), opens in new window

Recordings of the live webinar (captioned, audio and captioning in English), opens in new window)

Screenshot of We4Authors Cluster project on Wordpress Accessiblity Day

Event 5. Dot Net North

Dot Net North is a monthly meetup group based in Manchester for .NET developers, featuring talks by visiting speakers, community get-togethers and more. On the 28th of September 2020 the meetup featured Rachel Breeze, a senior developer at Sigma, a member of the Umbraco Back Office Accessibility Team, and an Umbraco MVP. During her speech Rachel presented the We4Authors Cluster project to 256 individuals who participated in this online event.

Accessibility - A .NET developer's perspective, opens in new window

Recording of webinar (no caption, in English, opens in new window)

Screenshot of Rachel Breeze presentation

Funka webinar about the project

On the 28th of of September the Research and Innovation Department of Funka organised a specific webinar about the We4Authors Cluster project. The event was aimed at web designers, web authors, ICT providers, CMS suppliers and producers, as well as anyone else interested in the subject. The webinar had 354 participants. Over 30 people signed up as testers during the webinar which was held in Swedish and live captioned.

Screenshot of Funka webinar about the project


See the webinar from 25 September 2020: Built-in accessibility in content management systems (the webinar is in Swedish), opens in a new window


AXSChat is a Twitter community focussed on accessibility and inclusion which organizes a weekly meeting every Tuesday at 8pm UK time. On July 11th, 2020 the meeting featured Mike Gifford (Drupal), Susanna Laurin (Funka) and Timo Stollenwerk (Plone) who together presented the Cluster project. There were 94 participants in the live meeting. However, the community has 9400 followers who have had the opportunity to watch the presentation afterwards.

AXSChat meeting, opens in new window

Screenshot of Timo Stollenwerh at #AXSChat

Sitevision hosted webinar about the project

On June 17th 2020 Sitevision organised an online webinar on the Web Accessibility Directive. It was a public free of charge event aimed at Sitevision’s customers, partners and everyone else interested in the new law. David Hanson from Sitevision and Susanna Laurin from Funka presented the We4Authors Cluster project. 179 individuals participated in the live event. The recording of the webinar is available on the Sitevision website.

Watch the webinar recorded (In Swedish) >> Recording of the live webinar (not captioned, audio in Swedish, opens in new window)

Screenshot of SiteVisions webpage

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