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Articles and blogs

To spread the word about the project, the partners of the consortium are regularly publishing articles and blog posts about the ongoing tasks and results. During the first 12 months of this project, the consortium has been very successful in spreading the information in their internal channels. The project gained also external attention.

Joomla writes about the project

The Joomla Magazine has published information about the We4Authors project to keep their readers updated on the latest news. The magazine has 2 200 readers.

Read the article in the Joomla Magazine, opens in new window

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External actors spreading information about the project

The Czech accessibility expert Radek Pavlíček has been blogging about accessibility since 2007 and is a well-known name in the accessibility community in the Czech Republic. He is reaching out to his reader about the project via his blog, which also has gained attention from other Czech environments.

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The European Research and Innovation Network, ERRIN

The European Research and Innovation Network, ERRIN, has also published news about the project in their newsfeed, encouraging people to test web authoring tools with We4Authors Cluster project.

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Finding testers to WE4Authors Cluster accessibility features

Funkas Newsletter reaches over 19 000 subscribers and was sharing information and a direct link to the user test. The Newsletter went out two times during the fall of 2020 where the first news was aimed at finding testers and the second one shared information on how and where to do the test itself.

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Funka influences the authoring tool market

With funding from the European Parliament, we have got the chance to build upon one of our most innovative research projects. This time we will work together with authoring tools producers to make models for accessibility by default.

Full newsletter about the WE4Authors Cluster project (in English, opens in new window)

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Tiny and web accessibility in the EU

The team at Tiny have put a lot of work into improving web content accessibility for the last couple of years. The team is now joining up with the WE4Authors Cluster project and is acting as observers and advisors to help CMSs produce more accessible content, alongside other experts and organizations. They have written a post on their blog, which has over 30 000 readers per week.

Full blogpost at Tiny´s blog about the project WE4Authors Cluster (in English, opens in new window)

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OpenConcept is part of the WE4Authors Cluster project

Senior advisor OpenConcept is spreading news about the project to their followers in a post on their blog, which has 500 readers.

Full blogpost about the project WE4Authors Cluster at OpenConcept blog (in English, opens in new window)

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The project’s blogpost on IAAP’s global website

The consortium has made a guest blogpost on the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, IAAP, global website where the monthly average page views are 69.2K with average of 7 727 unique monthly visitors. The main output of the blogpost was to find participants for the user tests and to spread information about the project.

Blogpost on IAAP’s global website

Cluster Partners

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Funded by the European Commission

We4Authors Cluster has received funding from the European Commission’s Work Programme 2019 for Pilot Projects and Preparatory Actions in the field of Communications Networks, Content and Technology.